Kempshall | Louisville Golf
Kempshall | Louisville Golf
Kempshall | Louisville Golf

Black Kempshall Mallet Putter

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In 1903 Willie Dunn Jr. received a patent for one of the first center shafted putters. This putter was not only unique because it was center shafted, but the material it was made from was one of the first thermoplastics – Pyralin. According to the patent the “pyralin cushions the shock will adding power to the shot.

The original Kempshall putters are rare and collectible. A black one sold at Sotheby’s auction for $1625. The white one, which Sotheby’s says only around 5 are known to exist, sold for $2000.

The replica Kempshall putter is made from a more modern thermoplastic since pyraline is no longer available. You will see in the Louisville Golf Kempshall that we paid every attention to detail to replicate the original Kempshall as close as possible: the cross hatch scoring on the brass face, the contrasting alignment mark, the weight plugs in the back of the head, the solid hickory shaft and the hand wrapped leather grip.

Like all Louisville Golf putters the Kempshall is completely playable. This center shafted, face balanced putter can complete with any modern putter.


  • Head Material:  Synthetic Pyraline
  • Loft: 3.5*
  • Lie: 71*
  • Solid USA hickory shaft
  • Hand wrapped leather grip
  • Choose 33, 34, 35, 36” length
  • Made in USA
  • SoHG Approved