Classic 50's Series | Persimmon Driver

Classic 50's Series | Persimmon Driver

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This is a classic: a pear-shaped Persimmon wood has more wins under its belt than any other driver in history. All of golf’s legends wielded this timeless design: Hogan, Snead, Palmer, Nicklaus, and Watson to name a few, have use this shape to amass countless victories. If you want to experience golf fully, try one of these enduring persimmon woods.
  • Handcrafted in U.S.A.
  • Material: Solid USA Persimmon
  • Shape: Classic Pear
  • Driver Head Size: 190cc
  • Loft: 11 degrees
  • Lie: 55 degrees
  • Standard Length: 43.5″ (Steel), 44″ (Graphite)
  • Insert: Red cycolac
  • Driver Soleplate: Aluminum
  • Fairway Soleplate: Brass
  • Hosel: Hand-whipped
  • Finish: Mahogany
  • Hand: Right and Left available