Hickory Cleek - 26 Degree
Hickory Cleek - 26 Degree

Hickory Cleek - 26 Degree

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The 26-degree Wooden Cleek is among our most popular Hickory-shafted models; it is a duplicate of a MacGregor B25 Perfection model that first appeared in the 1924 MacGregor catalog. This club looks and plays like a modern day hybrid. If I had to carry only one fairway wood in my bag this would be the one. Excellent replacement for the mid-iron. You can hit the 26° cleek further and higher than the mid-iron giving you a better chance to hold the green.
  • Head material: Persimmon
  • Loft: 26 degrees
  • Shaft: Solid hickory
  • Grip: Handwrapped leather
  • Playable with modern golf ball
  • Engrave shaft, add $10
  • Standard 41″ length

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