Wilsonian Spoon | Louisville Golf
Wilsonian Spoon | Louisville Golf
Wilsonian Spoon | Louisville Golf
Wilsonian Spoon | Louisville Golf

Wilsonian Spoon

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Wilson sporting goods originally introduced the Wilsonian models circa 1915 and spanned production of the line over the next decade.  Over those years many profiles and shapes ensued and several became desirable for modern hickory competition.  Difficult to procure and most notable, the deep faced large headed driver, was sought after by competitors seeking confidence in a large head sporting a convincing sweet spot.  It took over ten years of selection of original examples before we settled on the current offerings presented here to best represent the Wilsonian line.  Make no mistake, these are exact replicas of the originals to every discerning detail.  Intended for players of all abilities making this a great consideration for any player in our hickory line up.

A 2019 extension to the Wilsonian series is an exact replica of an original period Wilsonian spoon.  A symmetric match to the Wilsonian driver and fairway playable Wilsonian Brassie.  Lofted at 18* to help promote optimal launch and a higher ball flight.  A neutral face angle makes this club playable for all skill levels. 

  • Head material:  Solid USA Persimmon
  • Head Shape:  Classic Pear with Scottish Toe
  • Plate:  Brass
  • Loft:  18 degrees
  • Face Angle:  Square
  • Shaft:  Solid hickory
  • Shaft lengths:  42.5”
  • Grip:  Hand-wrapped leather
  • Finish:  Satin
  • Playable with modern golf ball
  • SoHG Approved

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