Custom Logo AM Mallet - Louisville Golf
Custom Logo AM Mallet - Louisville Golf
Custom Logo AM Mallet - Louisville Golf

Customizable Mallet Putter

Regular price $185.00

Our authentic American wood mallets have a classic feel and are face­-balanced, keeping the putter head square through the stroke, providing a more accurate impact resulting in more made putts. Available wood Choices include:: 

Cherry (also available in LEFT HAND) is our most popular Authentic Wood Mallet. It is a light wood with close grain, silky sheen and warm coloring. 

Maple (also available in LEFT HAND) is also a popular choice. It is a solid and strong wood used to manufacture musical instruments and gymnasium floors. The vibration dampening characteristics of Maple come from the close tight grain and provides an excellent feel of a wooden putter.

Walnut wood is hard, strong and fine­-grained finishing to a beautiful luster. 

Persimmon is one of the toughest and oldest woods in North America, and has been in existence on earth since the Cretaceous Period.

Now you can customize any of these mallets with your company logo or personal monogram.  In addition the bottom/sole of the club is fully customizable with a message or name. 


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