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The idea of selling a matching set of irons began in the 1920s; before that time, even though groups of four or five irons resembling each other were available, the golfer usually assembled a set of irons by selecting individual clubs based on personal preference, often from various makers.

As the 1920s continued to roar, and the game continued to grow in popularity, golf club manufactures (Spalding, MacGregor, Tom Stewart and George Nicoll to name a few) began offering six or seven irons that matched in a set. These matched sets gained momentum with golfers and golf companies alike, and eventually became the numbered sets of irons golfers utilize today.

Our matched set of Precision hickory-shafted irons is modeled from an original 7-piece set of George Nicoll irons. The set includes a Mid Iron, Mid Mashie, Mashie Iron, Mashie, Pitching Mashie, Mashie Niblick, and Niblick (see table below). The face scoring matches the Nicoll set with dot punches giving the irons the authentic look and playability you expect from Louisville Golf. The irons come with a solid hickory shaft turned in Louisville, KY to our exacting specifications. Each shaft is graded and inspected; only the best shafts make it to this set.

Set Includes:
#2 – Mid Iron – Loft: 24° loft, Lie: 59.5° lie, Bounce: 2*, Length: 38.75”
#3 – Mid Mashie – Loft: 28°, Lie: 60°, Bounce: 3*, Length: 38.25”
#4 – Mashie Iron– Loft: 32°, Lie: 60.5°, Bounce: 4*, Length: 37.75”
#5 – Mashie – Loft: 36°, Lie: 61°, Bounce: 5*, Length: 37.25”
#6 – Pitching Mashie – Loft: 40°, Lie: 61.5°, Bounce: 6*, Length: 36.75”
#7 – Mashie Niblick– Loft: 44°, Lie: 62°, Bounce: 7*, Length: 36.25”
#8 – Niblick – Loft: 48°, Lie: 63°, Bounce: 8*, Length: 36″
  • Handcrafted in U.S.A.
  • Solid Hickory shafts
  • Genuine leather grips
  • Playable with modern golf balls
  • Approved by SoHG
  • Free Engraving on shaft with set purchase

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