Jack White Series

Play like the legend. We acquired the models for our Jack White driver and spoon from the Golf Shaft & Block Co. of Memphis TN, whom supplied hickory shafts and persimmon blocks to major golf companies including Forgan in Scotland and Jack White in England. White was a renowned Scottish clubmaker whose most famous customer was Bobby Jones. The Golf Shaft & Block Co. became the C.F. Works Co. who supplied persimmon turning to major golf companies into the 1980’s. When they went out of business Louisville Golf acquired some of their equipment and all of their metal master models which included the Jack White models and MacGregor models from the hickory era.

The model for the Jeanie Deans driver was copied from an original Jack White club that Randy Jensen, 8 times National Hickory Champion, sold to Connor Lewis.

Our hands are currently crafting - check back later!
Jeanie Deans 1930 Special Driver 15°