Vardon Bulldog 25°
Hickory Bulldog - 25 Degree | Louisville Golf
Hickory Bulldog - 25 Degree | Louisville Golf

Vardon Bulldog 25°

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This Harry Vardon reproduction model Bulldog was the trouble club of the Hickory era. Bulldogs, so named for their short nose and compact size. They have a rounded sole which makes them great for getting the ball out of a bad lie. They can also be easier to hit than long irons for many golfers, acting like a modern hybrid club. This bulldog would most likely replace the mid-iron.
  • Head: Solid USA Persimmon
  • Loft: Available in 25°
  • Hosel: Pitched-linen
  • Shaft: Solid USA hickory
  • Grip: Hand wrapped leather
  • Playable with modern golf ball
  • Standard 40″ length 25°

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