Black Brassie - Louisville Golf
Black Brassie - Louisville Golf

Black Brassie

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The Black Brassie, with 12 degrees loft, is the driver that compliments the Black Spoon, Black Cleek, and Black Bull Dog Fairway wood. The head shape of the Black Brassie is a duplicate of an original Jack White driver. White was a renowned Scottish clubmaker whose most famous customer was Bobby Jones, who won the Grand Slam in 1930.

The Black Driving Brassie has a slightly shallower face depth which lowers the Center of Gravity. This low COG along with 12° loft allows the driver to launch the ball higher, maximizing carry distance, making it an excellent driver for golfers with slower swing speeds. Maximizing carry distance makes the Jack White driver a good choice for all golfers on soft courses where there is little roll.
  • Head: Solid USA Persimmon
  • Loft: 12 degrees
  • Shaft: Solid hickory
  • Standard shaft lengths: 43, 43.5
  • Grip: Handwrapped leather
  • Playable with modern golf ball
  • Engrave shaft, add $10

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