Timeless Timber Putter

Timeless Timber has gone to the bottom of the Great Lakes to find a unique treasure. During the period of 1700 to 1920, most of the virgin old growth forests were cut down to build the towns and cities of a growing nation.

Many of the best logs, because of their density, sunk while they were floated to sawmills. The logs, many over 100 years old, were rescued and now timber from trees cut by someone’s great grandfather, working for a dollar a day, is being transformed by Louisville Golf into cherished possessions.

This old-growth timber, mostly sapphire birch or maple, is one of our greatest finds and putters made from this once-in-a-lifetime wood is being discounted for a limited time. This wood has withstood intense pressure and cold giving it a look and feel not available in most putters.

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