Improving Ball Placement And Feel With Hickory Golf Clubs

Using hickory golf clubs can be a great way to improve your game by providing valuable feedback on ball strikes. These clubs, which are made from hickory wood, have a softer, more responsive feel than modern clubs made from materials like steel and graphite. This softer feel can provide golfers with more feedback on their shots, helping them to better understand the quality of their ball strikes.

Hickory Golf ClubOne of the key benefits of using hickory clubs is that they provide a more tactile feel at impact. When you strike the ball with a hickory club, you can feel the flex of the shaft and the give of the head. This can help you to gauge the power and trajectory of your shots, and can give you a better sense of how the club is performing.

Another advantage of hickory clubs is that they can help golfers to develop a better touch around the greens. These clubs have a softer feel than modern clubs, which can make it easier to control the trajectory and spin of your shots. This can be especially useful when playing from bunkers or around the putting green, where precise shot-making is key.

In addition to the feedback that hickory clubs provide on ball strikes, they can also help golfers to develop a better understanding of their swing. Because hickory clubs have a softer feel, they can be more forgiving on off-center hits. This can help golfers to identify swing flaws and make adjustments to their technique, leading to improved performance on the course.

While hickory clubs may not be as long or as forgiving as modern clubs, they can still be a valuable tool for improving your game. By providing valuable feedback on ball strikes and helping golfers to develop a better touch and understanding of their swing, hickory clubs can be a great way to take your game to the next level.


  • Dirk Wonnell MD

    A whole new golf experience awaits you
    Look up SOHG (society of hickory golfers) Most states have a dedicated group of enthusiasts who will help you

  • Dan Schnittker

    Hickory. The ultimate game improvement technology.

  • Jeff Whittington

    When my golf game gets a little out of whack (no pun intended) I get my hickories out and play a round. It tends to slow me down and I start playing better.

  • David Kubly

    Playing hickory golf not only can help your game improve, you have the opportunity to learn how the game was played a century ago. Most of all you’re introduced to a community of players, historians, collectors, curators and guardians of the game. Try it!

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