5 Top YouTube Channels to Improve Your Golf Game

While video golf lessons are no substitute for an in-person coach, they are a great way to gain inspiration and learn new areas of your golf game to work on without spending money for private lessons!

Below are a handful of, in my opinion, some of the best instructional golf YouTube channels that will help you improve all aspects of your golf game!

Shawn Clement’s Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement is world-renowned, CPGA certified golf instructor who provides free golf lessons, instruction, and tips on his YouTube channel.

Shawn takes a unique approach and dives deeply into the anatomy, neurology, and physics of golf to help golfers of all levels improve their swings. Check out one of his many videos below!

Martin Chuck’s Tour Striker Golf Academy

Martin Chuck is one of the world’s most sought-after golf coaches and for good reason. His video lessons are consistently top-notch and he does an outstanding job of explaining through video.

Monte Scheinblum Golf

Monte Scheinblum describes his YouTube channel with…

“You want the real simple truth about the golf swing…find it here.”

And that’s precisely what you get on Monte’s channel — the simple truth of improving your golf swing. Monte does a great job of breaking down every element of an effective swing.

Paul Wilson Golf

Paul Wilson runs a very helpful golf instructional website where the “curriculum” is based on the golf swing of the Iron Byron.

Wilson observed Iron Byron’s swing and noticed how similar it was to all the best pro strikers. From there, he was inspired to develop instructional materials to help people take their swing from good to great.

Golf Link

GolfLink has the world’s largest library of instructional golf videos as well as thousands of golf tips.

They have tons of instructional videos from the country’s top golf instructors including Hank Haney (Tiger Woods’ swing coach), Jim McLean, Jimmy Ballard and more. Check out the sample video below!

Have a Favorite Online Golf Resource?

Do you have any golf instructional YouTube channels or websites you visit often? Share them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list!

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