3 Tips to Help You Sink More Putts

A major part of your score comes down putting well and doing so is sure to save you a lot of frustration and heartache on the course.

Follow the tips below to help you sink more putts and slice strokes off your scorecard!

Recreate the Pressure of “Only One Shot”

When you’re practicing your putting game, how often do you drop 2-3 balls at once and hit them consecutively?

This is common, but it generally leads to less improvement. An important aspect of practicing is recreating real-world scenarios you would face on the course — specifically, that you only have one chance at a good putt.

This is similar to the problem with driving ranges. Mentally, you’re not focusing on the fact that you have one chance to hit the ball well and you’re content with a poorer shot, because you know you have another ball waiting for you.

Practice as if you were on the green and the match depended on you sinking that putt. If you’re able to beat that pressure, you’re a step ahead most golfers!

Rely On More Than Your Eyes

Many golfers rely almost solely on their eyes when surveying the green. While that’s absolutely important, you should also be aware of your other senses.

Take a walk around the ball and green and feel with your feet. It’s often far easier to grasp the elevation and slope changes by walking than it is only by looking.

Confidence and Routine

Putting, more often than not, comes down to having confidence and an effective pre-putt routine. Having self-doubt or negativity running through your mind during a putt is almost always going to have bad results.

To simplify the pre-putting routine, think of it this way:

  • Survey. Evaluate the grain of the green, slopes in your line of putt, and changing elevations.
  • Align. Mark your golf ball with a line and line it up exactly where you want to aim the putt. This makes a huge difference!
  • Feel. With the line in place, you can start concentrating more on feeling the distance and speed needed to sink the putt.
  • Putt confidently. Combine the line you established with the feel you gained to put the ball in the hole!

Survey, line, feel, putt. Of course, everyone’s pre-putt routine differs, but if you keep those four general principles in mind — survey, line, feel, putt — you’ll be sinking more putts in no time.

What Tips Have You Found Helpful?

What’s your best tip for keeping your concentration on the green and making more putts? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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