STIMP ACO - Louisville Golf
STIMP ACO - Louisville Golf


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The STIMP ACO mallet putter encourages a smoother stroke that feels like a pendulum; 400 grams makes this putter our heaviest offering. The STIMP ACO also incorporates a new low-profile head shape that hovers the head low to the green encouraging the pendulum in the stroke. This putter's heavy weight allows the hands and wrists to be neutral, limiting moving parts in the putting stroke, resulting in a putter face that is steadier and aligned to your target with more sustainability.

STIMP ACO = Offset shafted
* 400 grams headweight makes this our heaviest putter
* Persimmon head with new low-profile design shape
* Brass dot insert with feel of wood retained in surrounding cycolac
* Face-balanced to further help putter's stability
* Right handed model in offset shaft
* Choose from 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36 inches