Black Spoon - Louisville Golf
Black Spoon - Louisville Golf
Black Spoon - Louisville Golf

Black Spoon

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The Black Spoon requires a little explanation. If you hear your partner call for his Black Spoon you may take it as a signal not merely of danger, but of despair. We venture to explain this doom by quoting a description which Lord Wellwood gave elsewhere of this ill-omened club:

"It may be explained parenthetically that this Black Spoon was a name of terror, especially to opponents, as it was only invoked when the cause was in extremis; and then not so much as a helpful deus ex machina as a solemn protest and last dying testimony that everything that man might do had been done to retrieve his partner’s mistakes.

It had a head like a canoe, bottomed with brass, and a shaft like a piston of an engine, and when in full swing boomed through the air like a cannon ball. It was created by a well-known maker towards the beginning of the 20th century, and was a force majeure which no mortal spoon could compete.”
  • Head Material: Solid Persimmon
  • Head Shape: Classic Canoe
  • Finish: Ill-Omened Midnight Black
  • Loft: 16 Degrees; to boom through the air
  • Force: Majeure; no mortal spoon can compete
  • Shaft: Solid Hickory Shaft; like the piston of an engine
  • Grip: Handwrapped Black Leather
  • Playable with modern golf ball
  • Engrave shaft, add $10
  • Standard 42″ length

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